Adai Waterfall

Adai Waterfall in Panvel is one of the best waterfalls in Mumbai. During the monsoon season, thousands of tourists visit Adai Waterfall. Adai Waterfall is close to the Mumbai– Pune Expressway.

Adai Waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery big mountain range of Matheran. Adai Waterfall starts from the Matheran hill range. Near the Adai waterfall, there are some small and other waterfalls where you can visit these waterfalls also. During crowded times, tourists have multiple options to spend their quality time on the Waterfall.

How to reach Adai Waterfall - Panvel

To reach Adai Waterfall is best option is to come to Panvel. If you are from New Mumbai or Mumbai there are direct trains available to Panvel railway station. From Panvel railway station hire an auto-rickshaw to Adai Village, which is just 5 km from the Panvel railway station.

If you are coming by road then take the Mumbai-Pune expressway till Kalmboli take a first right toward old Panvel Road and follow this route Vashi-Kalamboli circle- Khhanda colony- Adai road flyover- Ada village. Park your vehicle at Adai village in the parking area and start trekking to the Adai Waterfall.

Adai Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Panvel region. It falls from the 2 stages. On the downside of the hills, you will have lots of small size of waterfalls that you can enjoy with family and friends. Some adventure tourists trek and climb the mountain to reach the 2nd drop point of Adai Waterfall, but to reach the first drop point of Adai Waterfall is quite risky.

Best time to visit Adai Waterfall -

The best time to visit Adai Waterfall is during the monsoon season. June to September months are the best months to visit the Adai Waterfall.

Entry Fees -

There are no entry fees to visit the Adai Waterfall.

Hotels near Adai Waterfall-

Near the Adai Waterfall, you may get tea, Sweet corn and Maggie only during the weekends. To find some decent hotels you have to come to Panvel or the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

Places to visit near Adai Waterfall