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Kumbhe Waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls near Mumbai and Pune city. It is located in Raigad district, Mangaon taluka, village Kumhe. Kumbhe waterfall is so beautiful to watch and it falls 178 feet above. Once you reach then you will see the beauty of this waterfall. Kumbhe Waterfall is gaining its popularity day by day and it is just because of the power of social media. Travellers are now visiting every place of the country and exploring the beauty of this country.

We don't have access to reach the bottom side of this beautiful waterfall. Kumbhe Waterfall is surrounded by mountains on three sides. You will be on the above side of the waterfall where it falls.

Kumbe waterfall is very famous in India even in South superstar Thalapathy Vijay’s movie 'Varisu' movie one scene was shot at Kumbhe Waterfall.

Kumbhe Waterfall  title=

There are three points to visit to see this amazing Kumbhe Waterfall one is from the top view where you reach the start of the journey, second is the Kumbhe Waterfall viewpoint which is 10 mins away from your starting point, from here you will see the clear view of the waterfall. If you have seen the Kumbhe waterfall image or video most of captured from here only and the third point is the Kumbhe waterfall ridge view this is the hardest point to reach if you have experience and lots of courage then only go there. Most of the youngsters who love to do adventurous trekking visit this place.

Kumbhe waterfall is a famous waterfall in Mumbai and Pune.

Where is Kumbhe Waterfall

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Kumbhe Waterfall's location is Raigad district, which is only a 3 to 4-hour drive from Mumbai and New Mumbai. This waterfall comes in Kumbhe village territory and the route is easy to reach by vehicle. The major villages are Mangaon and Nizampur.

Nearest Railway station for Kumbhe Waterfall

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The nearest railway station is Mangaon railway station and it is 25 km from the station. You can hire an auto-rickshaw to get there. It will cost you between 400 to 600 rs. Even if you are coming by train from Mumbai there are fewer trains which stop at Mangaon railway station.

How to reach Kumbhe Waterfall

Mumbai to Kumbhe Waterfall

There are two easy options to reach here from Mumbai. One come by your vehicle direct to Kumbhe Waterfall and follow this route. Mumbai - Panvel - Pen - Nagothane - Kolad - Kumbhe. The distance from Mumbai is 145 km to 165 km depending on your starting point and it will take around 4 to 5 hours to reach here. The second option is coming by train then Mangaon is the nearest railway station to reach Kumbhe Waterfall from here you can hire an auto-rickshaw to reach.

Pune to Kumbhe Waterfall

From Pune city, the distance is 115 km and it will take around 4 hours to reach here. There are very few state transport buses running on this route, if you are planning to visit this one of the best waterfalls in India come by road cause there is no train option available from Pune. Follow this route to reach Kumbhe waterfall from Pune. Pune - Kothrud - Valane - Tamhini ghat - Vile - Nizampur - Kumbhe. During this road trip, you will find some beautiful waterfalls in Tamhini ghat like the Secret Waterfall and Devkund Waterfall at Bira village.

Things to do at Kumbhe Waterfall

  • Trekking
  • Create memories with photos and videos
  • Explore the Nature
  • Bike Ride
  • Visit the Kumbhe Waterfall ridge to see the beauty

Hotels near Kumbhe Waterfall

There are no hotels and restaurants nearby so plan your journey accordingly.

The best time to visit Kumbhe Waterfall

The best time to visit is from June to October month.

Places to visit near Kumbhe Waterfall

  • Mahabaleshwar
  • Lonavala
  • Mahabaleshwar
  • Devkund Waterfall
  • Arthur Hill Lake