Pandavkada Waterfall

Pandavkada waterfall is located in Kharghar, New Mumbai. It is one of the most beautiful and deadliest waterfalls around the Mumbai location. Pandavakada waterfall also knows as Pandu waterfall or Kharghar waterfall.

Where is Pandavkada Waterfall located in New Mumbai -

Pandavakada waterfall is situated in Kharghar, New Mumbai, It is around 30 km away from central Mumbai and it can easily be accessible to reach here. Kharghar railway station is 7 km away.

The height of the Pandavkada waterfall is above 100 meters. It looks so beautiful in the monsoon season to watch. Lots of waterfall lovers visit Pandavkada waterfall but Pandavkada waterfall is very dangerous compared to the other waterfalls.

The government also banned Pandavakada Waterfall to visit during the monsoon. Every year some tourist lost their lives here. The water level rises suddenly when the rain starts and the flow of water is so speedy and it can take you with the flow. So try to avoid this waterfall from your bucket list

Nearest Railway Station to Pandavkada Waterfall

Kharghar Railway Station 7 km away from Pandavkada Waterfall.

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