Kalu Waterfall

Kalu Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Malshej ghat region. The height of the waterfall is 1200 feet.

Kalu Waterfall is one of the best and most beautiful in the Malshej ghat region. It is the tallest waterfall in Malshej, Kalu waterfall falls from 1200 feet in height, and Kalu waterfall has 5 stages to reach the ground level.

There are 2 ways to reach the waterfall, one is the base side of the waterfall and the second, is where you can see the waterfall from the top site.

If you want to go on the downside then you can start your journey from Savarne Village from here the trekking is around 5 km and you will see the beautiful view of Kalu Waterfall.

The second option is to visit the top side of the Waterfall then you can start trekking from Khube Phata.

Kalu Waterfall and other regional waterfalls and river form the Kalu river which travel towards Kalyan city and met with the Ulhas river at Kalyan.

Where is Kalu Waterfall

Kalu Waterall is located in the Malshej ghat region, Khireshwar village.

Nearest Railway Station - Kalyan - 90 km

Nearest Bus Stop - is Khubi Phata

Mumbai to Kalu Waterfall - 130 km ( 4 hrs journey )

Pune to Kalu Waterfall - 116 km ( 3.3 hrs journey )

Murbad to Kalu Waterall - 60 km ( 1. 2 hrs journey )

Local Transportation

No major local transportation to the waterfall. You can find transport to Khube phata or Khirkeshwar village.

If you are coming from Mumbai then from Kalyan you will find buses which halt at Malshej ghat.

You can start your journey from Khube Phata or Khirkeshwar village to reach the waterfall. It is 6 km and 3 km respectively.

Trekking to Kalu Waterfall is not difficult but you should take care of yourself and others. Once you reach the top don't go too much close to the cliff, there is no barricade. It is too dangerous to go near the cliff.

You can find hotels near the Kalyan - Ahmednagar road, the waterfall is in an isolated place so carry your important things with you.

The best season to visit this waterfall is from September to November start.

Places to visit near Kalu Waterfall-

  • Malshej ghat
  • Pimpalgaon Joga Dam
  • Harishchandra Fort
  • Shivneri Fort
  • Bhandardara

Note - Avoid this waterfall in the monsoon season. It may dangerous to visit on rainy days, the water flows very fast and it increases the chances of accidents.