Chinchoti Waterfall

Chinchoti waterfall is located in Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. This is one of the best waterfalls near Mumbai. To reach here you will see a beautiful trek to reach this waterfall.

Trekking and Adventure to Chinchoti Waterfall -

To reach Chinchoti Waterfall, you must trek through the dense jungle of Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary for a minimum of 60 to 70 minutes. It will give you the best experience of trekking the jungle and you will see the beauty of the forest.

This trek is easy to reach the Chinchoti Waterfall there is a single path to reach the waterfall and there are no signboards for the directions, so before you go download the Google map and use it to reach the waterfall.

Beautiful location of Chinchoti Waterfall -

Chinchoti Waterfall has a beautiful view and the path to reach here is awesome. Especially in the monsoon season. The rainy season turns this place into heaven, you will see a green world near b you and the Chinchoti waterfall looks beautiful and creates a pond with its water, where you can swim and enjoy your day.

Things to do at Chincholi Waterfall

Trekking –

Trekking to Chinchoti Waterfall will offer you an adventure experience through the lush dense forest. Every step will give joy to reach Chinchoti waterfall and it is the easiest trekking. You will see a lot of birds during the trekking.

Photography –

Take photos and videos and create a beautiful memory at Chincholi Waterfall.

Picnicking –

Chinchoti Waterfall is an ideal place for a one day picnic.

Birdwatching –

Chinchoti Waterfall is located in the Tungeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, during your visit you will find lots of bird- species in the forest

Chinchoti Waterfall

How to reach Chincholi Waterfall

Chinchoti Waterfall is located in Chinchoti Village, Vasai Taluka, Palghar District. To reach here take a local train to the below-mentioned railway station which is near to you and convenient. Take an auto rickshaw from the nearest railway station and come to Chincholi village. From there, you have 60 minutes trek to reach Chinchoti Waterfall. Chinchoti Village to Chinchoti Waterfall distance is around 3 km so have your food with you.

The best time to visit Chincholi Waterfall -

The best time to visit Chinchoti Waterfall is during the rainy days. The best month is June to September. During these months you will see a beautiful jungle and a beautiful waterfall.

Chincholi Waterfall nearest railway station

The nearest railway station is Nalasopara and Vasai railway station. Mentioned you more railway station which is close to the Chinchoti Waterfall.

  • Nalasopara - 14.5 km
  • Vasai railway station 14.5 km
  • Juchandra railway station - 14.8 km
  • Kaman Road railway station - 17 km
  • Naigaon railway station - 18.6 km
  • Virar railway station - 20km

Places to visit near Chincholi Waterfall-

Chinchoti Waterfall

Things to carry at Chinchoti Waterfall

  • Carry sufficient drinking water for you and your family. You will not find any hotels or grocery stores while trekking to the Chincholi Waterfall.
  • Camera, Cell Phone, Power Bank, Torch
  • Glucon D, Electron Powder, Biscuits or ready-to-eat food.
  • Towel, Napkins and extra clothes
  • Umbrella, Raincoat, Shoes to wear
  • Polythene bag for your garbage
  • Carry cash for any emergency

Frequently Ask Questions

The nearest railway station is Nalasopara and Vasai railway station both are 14.5 km from Chinchoti Waterfall
The Chinchoti Waterfall trek is around 3 km and it will take 60 to 70 minutes trek to reach the waterfall.
The best time to visit is in the rainy season and you will find water in Chinchoti Waterfall, during the summer season this place is just a dry jungle place.
Yes, it is safe to visit Chinchoti Waterfall but you have to take precautions. The jungle trek is very dense and a solo trip should be avoided girl should come in groups for their security.