Aksa Beach

About Aksa Beach

Aksa beach is one of the clean and beautiful beaches in Mumbai city. Aksa beach is located in Malad's Aksa village. It is 38 km from CST as well as Thane. Aksa beach is easily accessible from Mumbai. It is close to Marve beach & Malad railway station is only 20 minutes away. To reach we can take BEST Buses or hire any auto. Near the beach, there are lots of resorts and small hotels to rent it out. it is not safe to swim in the ocean it's dangerous and lots of people lost their lives on beaches. You can see a signboard of prohibition swimming. Accidents are common on the beach due to negligence. The beach went more dangerous in Monsoon season, you should avoid visiting any beach during monsoon. Around 10000 to 15000 people visit Aksa beach on weekends.

How to reach Aksa Beach

The nearest railway station is Malad and it is 9 km from the railway station.

There are so many bus services from Malad, Borivali and other western parts of Mumbai.

By road come to Malad west from there take Madha Marve road this route will take you to the beach.

Hotels near Aksa Beach

Here you can get affordable to luxury hotels and villas nearby the beach. Some famous resorts near Aksa beach The resort Mumbai, Ama stays & T-rails beach houses, Madh island, The retreat hotel.

Best time to visit Aksa Beach

The best season to visit Aksa beach is from October to May. This time is the best time to visit any beaches. In the rainy season, it’s dangerous to visit beaches. And best timing to visit is from early morning to evening 7 pm till evening pm. It is not good to stay there after 7 pm.

Places to visit near Aksa Beach

1) Madh Island –

This is also a famous tourist destination in Mumbai and it is around 30km from Mumbai. Here you will find good luxury hotels and Erangal and Marve beach close to this location.

2) Dana Pani Beach –

Dana Pani Beach is near to the Aksa beach this is a small beach compare to others but it is also beautiful and clean beach in Mumbai.

3) Marve Beach -

Marve Beach is located in Malad west and closes to Aksa beach only 1km from Aksa beach. On the south side of this beach is INS Hamla.

4) Pagoda -

Global Vipassana centre is one of the emerging tourist destinations in Mumbai. Here people came to visit the stupa and here you also come for Vipassana you just have to visit their website check availability and register yourself.

5) The Water Kingdom and Esselworld -

This place is very famous in young generation child. Most of the school trip is the visit to Water kingdom and Esselworld. Family and friend vacation point. High-speed slides and wave pools.

6) Borivali Sanjay Gandhi National Park -

Mumbai’s National Park is very famous in tourist most of the tourist visit SGNP on weekend. Here we can see forest animals like Deer, Cheetah, Sambhar and many more. Here we can also visit Kanheri caves. It is located in Borivali.

Other Essential information

  • Wear Slippers or sandals avoid shoes and high heel sandals
  • Use sunscreen lotion
  • Do not swim in high tide and go deep inside the beach
  • Aksa beach is the cleanest beach so don’t throw your stuff anywhere use dustbin box.